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Halogen airfield lamps were specially developed for airfield lighting. They work under current control which means the lamps operate in a series circuit in which the current is regulated. Since the current is the same at every point in the circuit, the same current flows through all lamps and they are equally bright. All our halogen airfield lamps provide light within the color coordinates set by ICAO for white light.


Airfield isolating transformers are used to supply the airport ground lighting from a series circuit. The primary windings of all airfield transformers in a given circuit are connected in series and supplied from a constant current regulator. This ensures the continuity of the series circuit even in case of lamp failure, plus the isolation of the low voltage lamps in the luminaries from the high voltage series circuit.


Airfield primary connector kits are designed for a detachable watertight connection between the series airfield lighting cable and the primary winding of the series transformer. Airfield secondary connector kits are designed for a watertight connection of the secondary series circuit cables to either the secondary winding of the transformer or the light. Our connectors permit easy mounting on site.

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We provide a airfield PAPI inclinometer calibration and repair service and have invested in our own Optical Bench.

We supply a complete range of airfield obstruction lighting, complimented by the latest LED versions.

We supply every type of European and American airfield lamp used in current and obsolete fittings.

We design and supply all the internally lit and retro-reflective guidance signs at East Midlands Airport.

We can specify and supply energy efficient lighting fittings / lamps for airport terminal buildings and associated areas.

We supply airfield TSR (constant voltage) transformers for both civil and military use.

We are able to specify and supply airfield inset and elevated fittings from ADB, Alstom, Idman, Thorn.

We produce a range of high temperature airfield long life glass filters for a variety of airfield lighting fittings.